Why being optimist alone is not enough for your business?

Peter Thiel: Why being optimist alone is not enough for your business?

A few days ago I was talking with one of my friends who works for a large Internet company. A few months ago his team conducted a one-day workshop to find the most promising features which they could deliver to their users next year. So, he explained, we did everything by the book. They met […]

How to set SMART goals for your business

SMART Goals - what keeps me going is goals.

“What keeps me going is goals“, said Muhammad Ali, one of the most successful heavyweight boxers in history, named by Sports Illustrated magazine as the “Sportsman of the Century”. Not every business owner will have the honor of becoming the Muhammad Ali of Entrepreneurs, but having proper goals can save many new ventures from being […]

3 habits of effective entrepreneur in practice

3 habits of highly-efficient entrepreneur in practice

The digital age and ruthless competition have caused us to become obsessed with productivity and constant improvements. This hype about achieving more in the same amount of time is not a surprise when we consider the statistics — for example, eight out of ten new businesses will fail within the first 18 months. In response […]