About CayenneApps

Our primary goal is to share our experience, knowledge and practical skills that we have collected concerning business, IT and self-development during the last few years.

We are enthusiastic about simplicity and being agile. This attitude helps us to identify and then take care of the issues that really matter.

What is CayenneApps?

CayenneApps is a web application which helps businesses and individuals to identify their top priorities and initiate a long-term continuous process of improvements. CayenneApps consists of three different, yet integrated products (called modules) such as SWOT, Goals, and Tasks.

The Cayenne SWOT module takes advantage of a popular strategy method called the SWOT analysis, but enhances it greatly to make finding top priorities easier. SWOT can be used to validate a new startup or product ideas, to assess the current state of business or to help to identify the right career path. To do so, CayenneApps extends the basic process of analysis and utilizes a custom algorithm which, based on user input, determines, for example, the most critical weaknesses or most promising opportunities.

CayenneApps - SWOT analysis
CayenneApps – SWOT analysis

The second product, Cayenne Goals, allows users to create and keep track of their objectives. The module is integrated with SWOT, so users can easily convert previously identified issues into new goals. Cayenne Goals is heavily based on the SMART and “Start with Why” principles, and therefore, it helps customers to put theirs focus on defining objectives which have a precise purpose, and clear definition of done and due date. Moreover, users can prioritize their goals and organize them into urgent, long-term and “for later” categories. A simple board keep their goals in one place and allows them to track the progress of their targets quickly.

CayenneApps - Goals Module
CayenneApps – Goals Module

The third module, called Tasks, helps users to transform their goals into lists of everyday activities. Customers can create multiple to-dos and assign them to previously defined objectives. The application offers two different modes: the Kanban Board Mode inspired by the Kanban method, and the calendar-like Planner Mode.

The Kanban board helps users to move tasks between three distinct states: “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Done” and to get a clear overview of the current status of goal completion. The Planner Mode is a bit more advanced — it allows customers to plan the execution of a given task ahead of time by scheduling a precise time window on the provided calendar.

CayenneApps - the Calendar module for tasks
CayenneApps – the Calendar module for tasks

Besides regular one-time tasks, Cayenne Tasks also offers “a repeatable tasks” feature for activities that occur more than once, which is also helpful in tracking everyday habits such as writing a journal or jogging. CayenneTasks also presents users with detailed insights into their performance, showing them, for example, which goals get the most of their attention, or on which days of the week they are most busy.

Cayenneapps - measure your progress
Cayenneapps – measure your progress

CayenneApps allows users to use SWOT, Goals and Tasks separately, but the highest efficiency can be achieved when all modules are connected. The integration between different products helps customers to use one product to take the entire path, starting from identification of priorities and going through the setting of long-term objectives, and finishing with short-time planning and tracking of everyday tasks. CayenneApps is currently available as a web application and does not offer a mobile app.

Why we chose the name Cayenne?

We know thaCayenneApps - spicest sometimes a seemingly insignificant thing like a spice can completely change the flavor of an entire dish. We encourage you to experiment with and add new spices to your business or your life, because, as Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”